A few months after I started shooting music, I had decided I had to create a website of my own at some point in time. Today, after two and a half years of shooting, I finally have a dot com after my name, and I am happy to say the least.
With a website, it’s easier to showcase your work and there are better chances of more people seeing it as compared to a facebook page.

All this, is easier said than done. Starting a website can be a daunting task with hosting/domain costs taking into account a photographer who isn’t making too much money. Then there is website design. If you plan on hiring a professional, your website might function better but its going to burn a huge hole in your pocket. I decided to design my own website mainly because I had the time and also because it was a great experience and now, I understand a small amount of css.

The appearance of the website can make or break your business. Make sure you know who you are designing it for. In my case, the website acts like my portfolio, where prospective clients can look at my work. I also needed a dedicated blog so I made sure that feature was available.
In most cases, themes that fulfill all your requirements  will cost you some dough. From my experience, some of the best sites to buy themes are ThemeForest and Graph Paper Press (you can also use services such as Squarespace or Photoshelter that help you all the way from registering a domain to building your website.)

Once you got everything running, its time to spread the word. Make sure you add your website in Google’s directory so they make sure it shows up when people search for it. You can also experiment with rich snippets and structuring to improve your search results.

Blog a lot and make sure you tag appropriately. Ensure that the website has fresh content periodically to ensure a constant flow of traffic.
At the end of the day, make sure you got something you like and something that will grow on your audience.

  1. Good stuff man! Keep going!

  2. Good pointers to think of before designing a web-site. Keep blogging more suggestions.

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