Recently, I came across this brilliant article by Srinivas Rao where he talks about writing 1000 words a day and how it helped him out on the long run. While at work one day, I decided it was time I tried this out.
1000 words might be easy to say, but when you get down to actually writing them, it can be one giant puzzle. To start with, what will you write about? There could be a hundred things you think are worthy of being written. But do they really hold the content to last 1000 words? With time, I discovered most topics off the top of my head would not last a mere 500 words.
If you are a blogger, you might have the tendency to think one step further. Would the world be interested in reading what you have written? After thoroughly reading what Srinivas Rao had to say, I realized it didn’t really matter. The whole idea is to get brain waves on paper and that was all I needed to start…

One day, I was checking my emails and found something that caught my attention. It was regarding the development of a city which was equipped with everything you might ever require — homes(needless to say), offices, schools, hospitals, retail spaces, commercial establishments. Just name it and it was there. And the best part — it was a city located within the city of Bangalore. If you think of it, the idea is brilliant. You create something that is self sufficient where everybody lives in equilibrium. The whole idea was to not step out of a fixed radius from your homes. After giving the idea and the situation in Bangalore a deeper thought, I decided to write this article. Once I was done writing that, I realized how difficult it was to write 1000 words(that article is just 500 odd words). But if you think of it, writing about random topics is great fun. I could write about absolutely anything; rant on about it for a 1000 words and I would achieve my goal.
I happened to realize the significance of the date yesterday (26/11) and thought that was reason enough to write. So I wrote this. Even though its been a very short while since I started on this habit, the benefits far outweigh the challenge of writing so much. For one, every time I write, I find myself looking up the meaning of new words. Some words are really simple, ones that I should know. But I couldn’t care less. Another advantage of carrying out this exercise is that you are always ready to jump on the keyboard and start typing away. In a situation where you have to submit an article in a few hours, you will find yourself doing it with ease.
When I started writing, I remember taking at least an entire day to just finish a rough draft of the story. Today, I take about half a day. Every time I have randomly gone on a writing spree, I’ve noticed how it has paid off at a later time. It’s like storing all those magazine cut-outs. While you are doing it, you sometimes have no idea if they will be of any use. But at a late time, you strike gold while rummaging through the treasure. I also love numbers. Every time I publish an article or a photograph, I am interested in finding out how many people read it or saw it. I check demographics for my website more than I’d care to admit.

Setting myself with a goal to write regularly gives me another reason to do that. A decade later, I would love to read what I thought about things back then. I would want to know what was happening in the world back then, but from my point of view. While I write this, a part of me is worried. Worried about what I will write tomorrow. How will I find something that interests me enough to want to write about it? Worried about whether I will able to write 1000 words everyday. Worried about how this article is only a mere 700 words. But for now, the only option I have is to keep finding something that requires my attention, my unadulterated views. For now, all I can do is write.

  1. This is quite interesting. 700 words of random rants and rumbling. It still made a good read.

    • Somehow, I didn’t manage to write everyday. Something I just continue working on. More random, more internet junk 😀

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