Ever since I started my internship, I have come across some brilliant furniture and manufactures who strive to constantly re-create modular furniture as we know it. A long time ago, I happened to watch a video where Graham Hill of showed Gizmodo around his 420sqft apartment that transforms into fully functional spaces with simple re-aligning and arrangement of furniture.
The video, among many others leads you on to think of how furniture is likely to transform with the ever increasing constraint of spaces around metropolitan cities around the world. Taking Bangalore as an example, clients are seen opting for space saving ideas rather than Gothic and bulky furniture reminiscent of the Victorian era.
Just today, I found another video that shows a conceptual development of furniture that is assembled magnetically. The idea seems promising given how the furniture can be separated into smaller components, moved around and re-assembled just as easily. The furniture is strong enough to take the weight of an average American adult (so basically, anyone in the world can sit safe) and super light weight. Given that it is still conceptual, I can’t stop myself from imagining the extent to which furniture designers like Herman-Miller and Ikea might take this.

I for one, really love the concept of dynamic furniture that can be adopted to a space as the space changes. It will result in saving time and also to an extent, reduce the great dependency we have on wood for our furniture.
Plus, it’s a great prospect, knowing that the furniture of an entire room can be packed into one shipping box and assembled in a matter of minutes.

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