In 2009, Kodak decided to stop production of its famed and acclaimed Kodachrome film that had been around since 1935. The Kodachrome film was known for its vivid colors and longevity that factored in its rise as the most preferred film that was ever used. Legendary photographer Steve McCurry asked Kodak if they would allow him to shoot the last roll of Kodachrome film that would be produced and along with National Geographic, he went on to shoot the final 36 shots of Kodachrome at locations in India, New York city, Istanbul and Kansas.

National Geographic aired the documentary early this year, though the photographs were processed almost three years ago. It also turns out that Steve McCurry donated all the prints to the George Eastman House on the 13th of June, 2011.
The final set of images can be viewed on Steve McCurry’s website.


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