Ever since college, we were expected to make physical models of our designs in an effort to better explain concepts, planning, massing and spatial arrangements that were otherwise difficult to understand through two-dimensional drawings. With the advancement and ease of three-dimensional modelling software, lesser importance was given to physical model making and slowly, the skill and art of model making seems to have faded away.

As one of the pioneers of architecture of the 20th century, Richard Meier has been phenomenal in experimenting and developing varied facets of architecture that hold strong even today, for example the Getty centre for its design and planning and the Jubilee church that used self cleansing paint.
It is remarkable to see the importance that Richard Meier gives to physical models in this video with a dedicated space for models that were crafted after the completion of the project. Richard Meier also goes on to explain how they faced difficulties bringing in come models into the space owing to their sheer scale.

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