The iPhone just keeps getting better with ever release, but here’s what you never thought it could do! 

Apple as a company has always found ways to be the pioneer in technology, adding some of the best hardware and software into its devices. With the launch of the iPhone 5s, Apple revolutionized how people used their phone cameras and gave the consumers, a camera that was nifty, convenient and robust. While most users got hooked on to the trend of selfies, some such as Markus Kontiainen used their iPhone cameras for something that blew my mind away!

A few days ago, I came across this brilliant piece of work -Moments in Asia,  by Helsinki based filmmaker and photographer, Markus Kontiainen who, while on assignment across several countries in Asia, shot this video using an iPhone 5s and later, pieced it all together. While I am sure a lot of post process and tonal corrections must have gone into making this video look like it does right now, it is commendable how much one can achieve with a small camera that’s lodged into a phone. While industry experts will continue to argue about how we can never completely replace a professional video camera like the RED of the Phantom with an iPhone, I guess the debate is moving more towards convenience and the actual demand for a 6K quality video, the likes that is shot by the RED digital cameras.

While the world keeps spinning and Apple keeps launching their next set of iPhones, sit back and watch this marvelous piece of work and get blown away!

More of Markus Kontiainen’s work here.

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