On my regular rounds of Vimeo, I came across Clemens Purner’s work. Among several brilliant videos, I came across this one – Bhutan; a video/docu-story of the country that he shot during his visit there. Having watched it over and over a few times, I realized it had to be featured.

The video starts with a telephone ring that is followed by a tiny dialog. The essence of that conversation is highlighted as you reach the end of the video and begin to understand how deep this whole video really can be. Throughout the journey, there is a stark noticeable contrast between the traditional and undeveloped side of Bhutan and the slowly developing part of the country. Beautiful tarmac roads leading into a horizon dotted with mountains, desolate under-construction buildings, a policeman ushering traffic on an empty road, monasteries and monks, near barren lands used as golf courses and most importantly, cattle grazing against the backdrop of Bhutan’s airport.
All this seemingly relates to a country that is almost in a harmonious and peaceful state of being. At the end of it all, you realize Bhutan has been through a considerable amount of hardship over the years, and development, albeit slow, is surely on its way.

Clemens Purner was wonderful and kind in allowing me to share this video on the blog. More of his work here

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