Mayeul Akpovi is a Paris based photographer and a brilliantly talented one, at that. Two years ago, Mayeul shot a multi-part timelapse, hyperlapse and stop-motion video of the city of Paris, Paris In Motion, and over the course of five parts, he has captured parts of the city like the Eglise Saint-Eustache, Place de la Bastille, Le Louvre, Les champs Elysées and L’Arc de Triomphe among others. Mayeul’s project around Paris consisted of over 50,000 images shot frame by frame on a Canon setup.

Videos like these are monumental in showcasing a photographer or film maker’s talent, effort and commitment and also serve as a means to help a far flung audience to take in the culture, sights and ambiance of a city.



Paris – the city with some of the best buildings in the world.

The Colonne de Juillet.

The Eiffel Tower in all its glory.

One of the best views of the city of Paris showcasing the way the city was planned, with the Eiffel tower forming the focal point.

Le Louvre.

The Eiffel Tower, emblazing the night sky.


Part 1 of a multi-part series. 
All content published with consent from Mayeul Akpovi. More of his work here, here and here



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