Every time an artist or band release an album, they go about the usual procedure of spreading the word, touring at different locations promoting the album and then eventually, hosting an album launch gig where C.D.s and merchandise is sold. Rewind to a decade ago and Bangalore based ‘Thermal And A Quarter’ were all set to release their third album – Plan B. Only, they decided to do things differently.

Plan B was not sold in the form of compact discs but instead, was distributed online via a custom user license that was modeled on the creative commons license. The album was seeded by users and pirates across the internet and according to TAAQ, it had been downloaded more than a million times even before they stopped checking!

DSC_7100_TaaqPlanB Rajeev Rajagopal

Over the last decade, the music industry in India and more specifically, Bangalore, has changed drastically with a lot more bands being part of the scene and several more albums being launched than there used to be before. In a sense, having an album released for free and seeded across the world so many years ago was definitely a revolutionary move by TAAQ. The gig at counterculture to celebrate ten years of the album was only but a stark reminder of the band’s prowess and their dedication to the music they have been delivering over the nineteen years.


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