While I am a big fan of shooting videos and vlogs, I haven’t really tried my hands at either. When Snapchat was launched, I remember being all excited and signing up but that was the end of it.

Between then and now, I have been catching up extensively on video content curated from across the world by the pioneers of vlogging(<– this should really be a word) who push content on a daily basis. Looking at the larger picture, this practice of vlogging really helps document your life on a day to day basis and also, hopefully will help make you better at getting stories across to a larger audience.

With that in mind, I reactivated my Snapchat and got to “snapping” stories. It’s hardly been a few days since I started but I can’t be more stoked to shoot regularly and get the ball rolling! To me, the best part of the service is how easy it is to push content and also how the entire thing is time based where the chat disappears after 24 hours. This makes sure you don’t clutter servers online, content is dynamic and most importantly, it nudges you to constantly create more.

Once I am able to manage a smooth flow for generating content on Snapchat, I would want to move to making vlogs that would display a greater structure in terms of the story and the overall content. Can’t wait to get this started!

For all of you who love video, pick up those phones and start shooting! While inspiration is hard to come by, here are a few vlogs you need to watch to get a better idea of how this works –



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