Charles Correa has been the father of modern Indian Architecture and after  almost half a century of practice, he leaves behind a huge void in what was architecture then and what is architecture today…

The Indian architectural scene has evolved greatly over the last half century, shaping into what it is today. While most metropolitan cities are riddled with disease in the form of developer projects, there is another side to every city – one that is dotted by buildings and monuments from the heydays of modernism and soulful architecture.

Charles Correa, the father of modern Indian architecture has been an architect who’s designed many such structures that live on to tell the tales of the times when architecture in the country was shaping up and fighting to become a unique language in its own right.

Architects like Doshi, Corbusier and Correa played a phenomenal role in developing the face of architecture in India, and their architecture was in every way, meaningful and true. Charles Correa will always be known as the architect who gave India architecture; an architect who was always rooted to the Indian culture and traditions, who greatly criticized the ludicrous growth of cities and an urban planner who designed Navi Mumbai.

His passing away, at 84, is going to be a great loss for the country, no doubt. However, in the form of clean lines, “open-to-sky” spaces and modernist architecture, his deep-rooted legacy will live on.

Dev Ambardekar.

For more reading on Charles Correa’s work, head on over to their official website or to this article.


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