A while ago, I got in touch with an architect from the city for a shoot of a residence – Mangalam House – that broke away from a lot of architectural stereotypes, becoming a beacon for change in the way we design our buildings.

The Mangalam house, completed a year ago, was conceived into a home that rose as a three storied space, broken on the exterior by a large projecting roof supported on leaning circular columns spanning an entire floor.

Breaking down the facade helped create geometries that scale the entire structure while also creating a play of solids and voids. With vaastu being an important element in the planning of the project, spaces noticeably follow a hierarchy in terms of circulation and the interlace of single and double height volumes within the house.
On the ground floor, the entire space is oriented along a courtyard that opens from a double height living room. With galleries on the upper floor looking into the double height space below, the entire house remains connected to a central node from every room and circulation spine.
The language of architecture that was portrayed  reflected a great deal of cohesiveness and a great amount of attention to detail. The interiors and exteriors see a generous use of wood, glass and steel that create warm and contemporary spaces throughout. The staircase that flows through vertically, is a mix of wooden treads with clean metal and glass railings. A lavish terrace garden forms the roof of the house, with a bedroom and study opening out into the green.

The Mangalam house is a thought-out design for a residence. In many ways, it fights to break away from the typical and the everyday and I personally believe that it does. It is a perfect example of achieving more with less and using the limitations in a brief to one’s advantage.

In several ways, the architecture of this building is a gesture of promise. It is a gesture of hope in the architecture that is filling up the concrete jungle. At the end of the day, it is a reminder that we can do better, and we will.

Mangalam House exterior Mangalam House Entry Mangalam House interior Mangalam House interior Mangalam House interior Mangalam House interior Mangalam House Mangalam House exterior Mangalam House exterior




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