The story of Vietnam, its people, its culture and the surreal landscapes, forty years after the war.

For a long time now, I have been a big sucker for travel and exploring new places and lesser known destinations. While my current lifestyle choices don’t allow me to travel much, I am always on the lookout for content that shows off some of the beautiful places people travel to. While looking around for some travel videos, I came across this piece of work by Oliver Astrologo who has documented his journey through Vietnam.

Reverie of Vietnam‘, documents a journey from the North to South of the country, depicting a nation of vast diversity and beauty. Vietnam has always been a rather exotic country, more so because of how there aren’t too many people traveling there and also because a kind of scarred history. Across the video, you get to see the untouched landscapes and vivid architecture that dot the country and in several ways, reflect upon how the people that make up this country have over the years, rebuilt it into what it is today.

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After having watched several videos of this genre, I have come to realize the importance and the impact that the people have on the general ambiance of a country. The video has been shot to highlight the entire country while keeping its people in the spotlight and I really think that’s what makes it feel a lot more serene and rooted.

Watching videos that have been shot to perfection, nestled in surrealistic backdrops like these just make you want to travel more. When used to document countries that are otherwise disconnected from the world or trying hard to be part of a global economy, they help break barriers and misconceptions that are otherwise linked to such cultures.

Reverie of Vietnam’, for example, does a great job showing the world that the people of Vietnam are just like anyone else and share a deep-rooted culture, all well set in surroundings that are to die for!

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Oliver Astrologo has a great number of other videos that are worth watching and you should totally head to his Vimeo channel for more!

All images and content used with permission. 

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