Pinterest Fridays – A curated collection of some of the best pins in design. This week, a curated collection of Workspaces.

Pinterest has long been a great inspiration to me with the quantity and quality of content that people from across the world have curated on their accounts plus, a great search algorithm on their website helps designers and creatives to find what they are looking for in very little time.

While I don’t actively pin as much as I’d like, I’ve decided to post some of my favorite pins that relate to architecture and design in general, here on the blog. Every pin shall have a small summary of why I’ve shared it here and with time, I hope these pins will serve a purpose to everyone. With time, I will share more content that combines the various categories of architecture and design.

1.Cork-Walled – A workspace with a lovely cork wall, an industrial lamp and a functionally simple desk. The floor is finished in a simple grey and the leather and metal combination of the chair adds to the overall ambiance and functionality of the space.

2. The Peg-Board – Workspaces are very demanding areas of activity and every user manages to customize their workspace to guarantee maximum ease and productivity. One reason I found this workspace to be rather exciting is the use of a Peg-Board. It adds a great sense of texture with the tiny punctures and at the same time and more importantly, it helps you add and remove things as you please!

3. White-Wash – Painting spaces in complete white can make them look brilliantly classy but there is the obvious hassle of keeping it clean. Nonetheless, office spaces that are flooded in white tend to look and feel more functional and also a lot more contemporary, in case that is what you are aiming to achieve. In this pin, I loved the combination of reclaimed wood and steel, all laid in the backdrop of a clean wall.

4. Cabin Fever – Wood adds a great sense of warmth to a place and when coupled along with a wide clear-window such as this, it serves to become a great material to use for workspaces.

5. Mix and Match – With workspaces eventually being categorized as the ones that are messy but functional and then workspaces like these – spotless and neat! While exposed concrete is a tough material to work with and get right, but if done well, it serves as a long-lasting and maintenance-free material and can do wonders to a space if coupled with wood or steel.

All images used from Pinterest and linked to their respective boards.

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