The Common Sans font is out there and it has something to say to you! 

For every designer, artist, architect and graphically inclined individual, fonts and typefaces are very important elements that make or break the UX (User Experience) of a project.
It’s easy to say that we all love fonts and over time, each of us seemingly builds a liking to a specific font of a typeface in general. Given how much impact they generate on the overall aesthetic, it becomes all the more critical to make sure you are choosing your typeface with great care, making sure it is of the right thickness, scales well to your requirement and also, helps portray the right meaning to things.

With typeface selection and then, font selection being as difficult as it is, we sometimes tend to lose out on the ideas and stories that go into making these fonts and the values that their designers must have idealized while making those fonts.
With the World currently being in a state of distress and turmoil owing to unending global issues, Swedish design studio, Essen International in partnership with a non-profit, Solvatten came up with a pro-bono project that would focus around the problems that are faced by refugees around the world and specifically, refugees who have been granted asylum in Sweden and are having to sleep on the streets because of the lack of space to house them all.

While typefaces and fonts are designed to not interfere in any way, the Common Sans font has been designed in-house using a software called Glyphs and it interferes in an effort to send out a message – every time you type the word ‘Refugee’, it changes it into ‘Human’.
The idea of creating a font that changes  specific word is another way of reminding everyone that even refugees are humans and have problems and troubles just like every other human and should not be isolated and viewed at as a separate category of people. Everyone is only Human.

The Common Sans font is free to download! 


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