‘People Of Nowhere’, a story documenting the struggles of Syrian refugees fleeing to countries in the European Union.

For a good amount of time, there have been a tonne of news about refugees, most of them in the middle-eastern countries owing to the unfortunate and extensive turmoil and unrest that has resulted from religious and politically motivated uprisings. With a large number of terrorist and fanatical organizations operating in the middle eastern countries of Iraq, Syria and Iran, the countries of Europe have seen a sudden and high surge in refugees who are fleeing their countries in an effort to find an environment that is suitable for existence. In the recent past, there have been scores of refugees trying to get into countries like Greece that belong to the European Union. With the EU countries not being too happy about their streets getting filled with refugees, strict and stringent laws were reinforced that prevented refugees from entering their soil and this in turn, resulted in the deaths of several people fleeing the violence in the Arab counties.

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It was only when the body of Syrian infant, Aylan Kurdi was washed on the shores of Turkey, did the world begin to take attention of the difficulties that were faced by refugees trapped in the Syrian conflict.

Lior Sperandeo, an Israeli cinematographer had traveled to the Greek island of Lesvos to get a first hand understanding of what was happening in the EU with the wave of Syrian refugees coming in. He talks extensively about how different countries are currently viewing them as a “threat” but in reality, they are only human and trying to get to safer lands. (Read about the new font that focuses on highlighting that refugees are also “Human”.)

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Watching such documentaries and videos only takes you closer to the heart of the action and goes to reinforce the problems that are being faced on a global scale – all thanks to the decisions we have been making.

Lior has also shot some other brilliant stories and they can be viewed on his channel.



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