After an exciting Day 1 of the Bacardi NH7 Weekender, it was hard to predict what Day 2 would bring in. The one thing I was looking forward to, of course, was Mogwai. 

An account of Day 1, HERE.

After a live performance of A.R. Rahman, it was time to move on to Day 2 of the Weekender, a day packed with acts like The F16s, Tails on Fire, Dr. L Subramaniam, Dhruv Voyage, Pierce Brothers, The Color Compound, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Mark Ronson and of course, Mogwai!

Dhruv Voyage Dhruv Voyage Dhruv Voyage Vocalist

While everyone started their day with dreams of Mogwai, bands like Space Is All We Have, Tails on Fire, Until We Last and The F16s did a wonderful job distracting everyone and building up a great vibe that showcased a mixture of Indie, Rock and Electronic Alternative music.

With the sun setting into the distance, Chennai based Tails on Fire took the stage with a large array of the audience dressed in orange, waving flags that represented the band. While this fan following is almost unseen for a young Indian band, it left everyone wondering where so many flags and flag-bearers had arrived from.
One explosive show later, the audience was sent into another fit of screams and roars when the F16s started playing a set that had their trademark favorite – Light Bulbs.

Tails on Fire Tails on Fire

Pierce Brothers
The F16s

Tails on Fire

With a little more than an hour to end the night, Scottish Post-Rock legends, Mogwai began their scintillating set and after a short while, most of the folks at the festival had found a comfortable spot of the grass to sit down on and enjoy the music – exactly the way Mogwai is meant to be enjoyed.

This season of the festival felt a lot more mellow and a great deal more matured than any of the previous versions, ever since it began in 2012. The audience was a lot more interested in the music aspect of the festival and seemed to enjoy the overall vibe over two days. It seemed like a lot of consideration had gone into achieving the perfect line-up and it seemed like they got it right!

Mogwai Mogwai Mogwai Mogwai Audience Weekender

With such an eventful day of the Weekender, it was a great experience shooting the festival from the front and sidelines and happened to bring in a greater deal of insights into the overall aspects that go into making festivals of this scale a success. There is a lot that goes into organizing and pulling off a music festival and a great deal more to make it successful but most importantly, it is the people that paint the overall picture and this time around, I think they painted a pretty darn good one!

Until 2016, memories and photographs are what we have…

NH7 Weekender Mogwai Violinist



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