Somewhere between right and wrong, there is a garden. I will meet you there…
-Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi

A few days ago, I found myself desperate to head out of the city for a much need escape from all the humdrum. While road trips are something I am always looking forward to, it becomes a little stereotypical to ride out to places already explored and listed. So, after some shoddy research and anticipation, I decided to ride out to this haven, an unknown realm as I would call it, nestled very inconspicuously amidst hills and village roads.

The Unknown Realm Dev Ambardekar unknown realm dev ambardekar The Unknown Realm Dev Ambardekar

It’s places like these that remind you about another aspect of life that we generally tend to forget – the simpler things and the simpler way…

When I visited here, the farmers had only recently harvested all the sugarcane, finger millet and wheat and were in the process of starting the next set of crops. I spent a good amount of the day perched on a large rock face, looking down at a family of farmers tilling their land, sowing it and then watering the entire plot, an operation that must have spanned from the break of dawn all through to noon.
Moving around through the widely spread settlement, you begin to stumble upon innovations and techniques adopted by the residents to make their lives easier and in some way, adapt to the overbearing and rapidly advancing technological era.

But beyond all of the picturesque and scenic settings, it is hard to ignore the level of consumerism that has seeped into such disconnected communities and how at the end of the day, everyone wants to be connected to the far-reaching cities. Everybody there, in some way or another, strives to become a reflection of the rosy picture that we are trying hard to escape…

The Unknown Realm Dev Ambardekar The Unknown Realm Dev Ambardekar The Unknown Realm Dev Ambardekar The Unknown Realm Dev Ambardekar The Unknown Realm Dev Ambardekar

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