Tips, tricks and key components to going professional in the photography business.

Photography has begun to be used extensively all across the world as a means of story telling. With the improvement of hardware in cameras as well as mobile phones, almost everybody is now shooting pictures that showcase their life on a day-to-day basis.

Regardless of whether you are shooting commissioned or personal content, it is an extremely difficult path to going pro and making a living off of photography. That being said, what also adds to the difficulty is that lack of permanent photography jobs and the ever growing market where clients are not always looking for an experienced professional and are willing to settle with amateurs.

In any case, if going professional is a goal you aim to achieve, this info-graphic by UK based wedding photographer, Robert Sail should be of great help!

P.S. Regardless of the spelling mistake in the title of the info-graphic, the manner in which Robert Sail has broken down the art and business of photography is remarkable and useful in understanding the structure of the industry.

going professional as a photographer

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