The Soviets are back and this time, it’s all about Soviet Architecture.

Ever since World War I, everything to do with the USSR was under wraps and most of the world didn’t know what the Soviets were upto at any given point in time. While the 20th Century saw some really great Architecture being churned out in countries like India, USA and Japan, Soviet Architecture was unseen and unheard of until the cold war ended.

Looking at everything the Soviets designed and built only makes you wonder whether we would have been architecturally different if their work was open for the world to see. Most Soviet architecture was not linked to any individual architect and that only exemplifies the blanket of secrecy that everything with the Soviet Union was linked to.

A lot of work that I came across was skilfully created on the lines of Brutalism and hence, a great deal of exposed concrete and no-nonsense designs dominated this period.ław-state-housing-project

While going through most of these tumblrs, it’s interesting to note that since the USSR was communist, a lot of importance was giving to the housing projects. Several high-rise apartments dotted the cities across the Soviet empire and were given out to mid and high ranking officials of the State. Services and utilities were provided by the State and needless to say, punishment for treason was either death or imprisonment in Serbia.
Unfortunately, most of these Brutalist pieces of history are now being torn down or lie vacant.

By sharing a lot of the work done by the Soviets back in their heydays, I intend to curate a vibrant variety of content that is shared across a vast audience and more importantly, create an opportunity for dialog and discuss architecture the belongs to another era.
Watch this space for more!


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