the grand teton

It’s the end of another week and surely, content of some amazing mountains and national parks is just like adding insult to injury. However, this is one video that just cannot be missed!

More Than Just Parks‘ is a project started by brothers and filmmakers Will Pattiz and Jim Pattiz. With an immense love for National Parks, the goal of this project has been to put forward an unadulterated image of parks and natural features in the United States to an audience that can cherish and engage with the visually stunning content for generations to come.

The Grand Teton is the largest mountain in the Grand Teton National Park (map) and is a famous mountaineering location and is also known for its grizzly bear and grey wolf populations. The land of the national park had recorded human settlements from around 11,000 years ago when the first nomadic hunter-gatherer Paleo-Indians began migrating there during the warmer months for food and supplies.

Throughout the video, the filmmakers have taken effort in showcasing the setting of the Grand Teton in an almost mystical sense while also combining the flora and fauna elements that are a rich part of the National Park. Documentary films of such scenic parts of the world only make you want to travel and also, wonder about how magnificent all of these places are and about the thrill of exploration.

With the numerous mountain peaks, national parks and wildlife reserves in India and with their breathtaking beauty, it is only a short while before we start seeing this kind of footage being produced that helps the world picture the land-forms, flora and fauna of our country.

This should be a good end to the week…


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