We live in a world filled with causes – political and social – that aim to make society more Utopian. With the growth of the internet, reactive action is more easily achieved and in some cases, becomes a lifeline for large masses of people (like this petition to dismiss Trump’s candidacy).

A lot of social causes can be found around the web these days and while most of them are fighting for the larger good, they tend to fall short when it comes to the content they showcase. Campaigns aren’t well designed and in the end, their kickstarters or call-for-action campaigns don’t work like they were intended to -they are never convincing enough.

Fireflies, a cycling group, was started in 2001 to raise money for a charity that supports blood-related cancers. Over the last fifteen years, Fireflies has grow from just five riders to over a hundred who cycle from Geneva to Cannes across the high Alps, raising more than £1.7m for Leukemia research and treatment. The ride covers more than 1000kms over 18 mountains in a 7 day period.

In the Fireflies promo, the video showcases the hardships faced by the riders who have to encounter grueling terrain and riding conditions, all for a cause they deeply believe in. What really drives the point home is their tag line – for those who suffer, we ride.

The Fireflies group rides every June and donations and sponsorships are most welcome.

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