James Barkman is a 22 year old lifestyle, documentary and adventure photographer who has been living off his beat-up van and traveling around the United States, experiencing the nomadic life and  in the process, creating content that showcases a mystical side of adventure.


james barkman photography

Over the course of his journey, James talks about the realities and hardships one faces when living off the grid – vehicle break-downs, disconnecting from the world – and how these experiences have helped shape him and improve his photography.
James’s setup also includes a dualsport Suzuki DR350 motorcycle that he uses to move around and explore places around his campsites.

Stories of creatives living in vans or living off the grid are aplenty and even, extremely inspiring. However, videos like James Barkaman’s truly reflect on what it takes to live in a van for most part of the year, while making sure you are being your creative best!

james barkman photography

james barkman photography

More of his work can be found on his website and Instagram.

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