In May of 2017, RedBull India held the annual B-Boying championship – the RedBull BC One. Regional cyphers were held in Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata and finalists from each city would participate in the final that was held in Bangalore.

I had the opportunity to shoot South Korean B-Boy, Differ Kim, who conducted the workshop at the Bangalore cypher and was also the judge for the event. Held in a dance studio, the competition was exhilarating and made for a brilliant first-time shooting experience.

B-Boys from all over town who made it for the event got to interact and train with Differ Kim before warming up and taking part in the challenge. Photographs from the workshop and event only remain to be a short glimpse into the high-adrenaline shown-down among the best in the business!


The Kochi Muziris Biennale, started in 2010 by Bose Krishnamachari and Riyaz Komu, is an international exhibition of contemporary art. Held across various venues in Kochi and the surrounding islands in Kerala, the exhibition aims at bringing together art and artists and showcasing works across various media such as film, painting, sculpture and performance art.

During my first visit to the Biennale during January 2017, I took the opportunity of experiencing the exhibits and the city more through a photographic perspective and documented the vibe of the exhibition along with the city and spaces that play host.

While this article is long overdue, I believe the way the exhibitions are conducted and spread across fully functioning cities make them more interesting than the artwork itself.

While I can only add a few photographs to this piece, you can go through the entire set here.


James Barkman is a 22 year old lifestyle, documentary and adventure photographer who has been living off his beat-up van and traveling around the United States, experiencing the nomadic life and  in the process, creating content that showcases a mystical side of adventure.


james barkman photography

Over the course of his journey, James talks about the realities and hardships one faces when living off the grid – vehicle break-downs, disconnecting from the world – and how these experiences have helped shape him and improve his photography.
James’s setup also includes a dualsport Suzuki DR350 motorcycle that he uses to move around and explore places around his campsites.

Stories of creatives living in vans or living off the grid are aplenty and even, extremely inspiring. However, videos like James Barkaman’s truly reflect on what it takes to live in a van for most part of the year, while making sure you are being your creative best!

james barkman photography

james barkman photography

More of his work can be found on his website and Instagram.

The last few years have been greatly challenging for architecture in India.
Moving away from straight forward commissions, clients have started seeking comfort in announcing competitions for projects of varying scales, and letting an expert jury panel make the decision of whose design is best suited in terms of context and sustainability.
While the idea of competitions is to nurture talent, whether this really happens entirely depends on who constitutes the jury, the level of transparency with the result and the generally unspoken art of lobbying.

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On the last day of 2016, I found myself in the middle of a seemingly unending road along the countryside, thinking about the year that was. A lot unfolded in the last twelve months and looking back, it becomes rather hard to summarize all the events that took center-stage. In terms of Politics, Technology, LawClimate & Natural Disasters and Health and Medicare, 2016 might have been the year that set precidents to how we deal with these issues in the future.

That being said, I aim to highlight a couple of the most important ones while trying to avoid making this article into one of the many list-based, click-bait content that will soon fill your social media feed.

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When it comes to shopping at supermarkets, the most dreadful part of the experience is undoubtedly, lengthy checkout lines. Stores have been getting bigger and inventories are growing more diverse; the ease of billing however, hasn’t changed much over the last decade.

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It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything here, and what better way to change that than a mesmerizing showcase of Iceland!

Tobi Schnorpfeil is a German filmmaker and triathlete who recently shot his journey on Iceland’s ‘Ring Road’. The ‘Ring Road’, also called Route 1, is a 1,332 km road that runs around the island and connects most of the inhabited parts of Iceland.
Shot over a period of two weeks, Tobi captured the mystical landscapes, rugged terain and icy blue waterfalls of Iceland in a manner that generates curiosity and leaves the viewer in awe of nature.


What makes the documentation stand out even more is the cinematography that’s gone into making the video. Tobi uses an Alpha 7s to shoot most of the footage with a large number of wide pans captured with the DJI Phantom III drone.
The video gets an original sound track by JMComposing and surprisingly enough, Tobi talks the viewer through the video, rather than just music playing in the background.

For the explorer in each of us, ‘Iceland’ is the perfect motivational piece to get out of our comfort zone and travel to the distant and far out reaches of the world.

We live in a world filled with causes – political and social – that aim to make society more Utopian. With the growth of the internet, reactive action is more easily achieved and in some cases, becomes a lifeline for large masses of people (like this petition to dismiss Trump’s candidacy).

A lot of social causes can be found around the web these days and while most of them are fighting for the larger good, they tend to fall short when it comes to the content they showcase. Campaigns aren’t well designed and in the end, their kickstarters or call-for-action campaigns don’t work like they were intended to -they are never convincing enough.

Fireflies, a cycling group, was started in 2001 to raise money for a charity that supports blood-related cancers. Over the last fifteen years, Fireflies has grow from just five riders to over a hundred who cycle from Geneva to Cannes across the high Alps, raising more than £1.7m for Leukemia research and treatment. The ride covers more than 1000kms over 18 mountains in a 7 day period.

In the Fireflies promo, the video showcases the hardships faced by the riders who have to encounter grueling terrain and riding conditions, all for a cause they deeply believe in. What really drives the point home is their tag line – for those who suffer, we ride.

The Fireflies group rides every June and donations and sponsorships are most welcome.

Just yesterday, the internet was shaken up when Ken Block, founder of DC Shoes and renowned World Rally Championship driver, released the Gymkhana 9 video.
The video was made in partnership with Forza Horizon 3 -the much awaited sequel to the well appreciated racing game series – and was to be shot in Australia at the Sydney Opera House. However, due to legal restrictions, Gymkhana 9 was shot in Buffalo, New York.

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I graduated a couple of years ago and during our days in the studio, we were taught some basics of architecture and the tools that would help us put forth our ideas to an audience.
At that time, people across India had just begun to accept the large role that technology had begun to play in the field of architecture and the acceptance of a parametric design where curves and surfaces were governed by something more than just ‘gut-feeling’.

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